Prayer Warriors.

Prayer Can Accomplish What God Can Accomplish.

We understand that spiritual growth is a journey, and there can be some obstacles along the way. But you don’t have to face them alone. The Prayer Warriors team would be honored to pray for you. We also love to hear how God is working in your life. We encourage you to share your stories as well so we can celebrate with you.


Why does God want people to pray? .

Through prayer, we personally are changed. By talking to God, we find that our mindsets and emotions change. Through prayer we start to see things from God's perspective, which helps us get in harmony with His plan. So it's sometimes about prayer transforming us more than it is about seeking to get God to do something we want.

God created us to share in bringing about his will on earth, and prayer is one of the central ways we do that. The point is he does want us to pray. It really makes a difference in the outcome of events- even though God really does know everything in advance.

So let's help others in prayer. Join us at the feet of Jesus and you, too, will become a mighty prayer Warrior. Our commitment to you is that there will be No brother left behind in prayer!


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