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If you are unable to meet on Saturdays or when you leave to go back to your seasonal home, and you want to continue your transformation to be a better man, the MIM Phone Group is your ticket to stay in touch. You’ll be on a weekly, 30 minute call, one-on-one with a godly leader, who facilitates the call. Our leader’s job is to continue to help you get to your truth and assist a man in transforming himself into a better man- All through the power of Christ. One will leave the call with greater clarity about who he is as a man and what he needs to do next as a godly man, father and husband. We deal with all that’s ever gone through your head—even topics you can’t imagine having in common with other men. So, schedule Your Man In The Mirror Call Session with one of our godly leaders . You will realize in time, deep, trusting relationships are established. And once that trust is there, the changes that take place are astounding.


Available Phone Sessions.

Mondays 9-10 A.M., Wednesdays 3:30-4:30 P.M., Thursdays 5-6 P.M, Fridays 10-11 A.M. All times EST.


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See what it is to feel the joy and peace that comes with knowing Jesus Christ and fellowship with others building that same relationship.