Our Mission.

• Teaching men the value of having a strong and trusting relationship with God and each other through Jesus. .Helping men to find their purpose in life among other like-minded men.

• Reintroduce men to Judeo-Christian principles. And, with the help of our partner, YMCA, put them into practice through programs that build healthy spirit, mind and body for all.

• To build a community of Christian men who support and challenge each other to be the best men, husbands, fathers and leaders they can be.

• Assist men in making changes in their lives to make them better men at home, at work, and in their communities.

• Providing services that meet the emotional, social, physical and spiritual needs of men and their families.

• Participation in an awesome annual Retreat where we go to make good, Christian men better!


Our Vision and Beliefs.

We want to equip, encourage, inspire, reach, and disciple all men who want to make changes in their lives to become happier men as well as better husbands, fathers, sons, brothers and mentors.

We are devoted to knowing God, glorifying God and being led by God.

We are devoted to accepting the gospel, spreading the gospel, and declaring in the gospel.

We are devoted to accepting God’s Great Commission, comprehending what it demands of us in living a purpose driven life.

We are devoted to helping men commit to Christ, submit to Christ, and to follow Christ.


We’re a gathering of men who believe in the inerrancy of the Bible and the Lordship of Jesus Christ. We seek the God that is rather than the God we want.

Our Principals.

• All  men, with the support of other Christian men, can become better men.

• Transformed, Christian men will be better and happier husbands, fathers, brothers, son, friends, leaders, and mentors.

• To be the best Christian man you can be, you must be in the company of other Christian men.

• Being a better Christian man means being the man God wants you to be.

• The Bible is our playbook for life.

Men At The Crossroads.

Not Asking For Directions.

It's frequently said that, when lost or at a crossroads, men decline to ask for directions. They would rather stubbornly walk around or go the wrong way than confessing they need assistance.


Peace & Joy.

MIM is for men at the crossroads, to be sure. NEG is also for men who want to experience joy & peace ; want to be better fathers and husbands, and want to understand why they have the shameful feelings they carry with them.



MIM is for men who suffer from an uneasy state of mind, feel isolated, lonely and depressed, and men who never had the nurturing they wanted or needed.



MIM offers men the fellowship they need to feel good about themselves and their potential, while providing men with, "The Good News" they need to be successful in their relationships, career and life.


Visit This Saturday.

See what it is to feel the joy and peace that comes with knowing Jesus Christ and fellowship with others building that same relationship.