We will meet at YMCA (Publix Kitchen).
5450 YMCA Rd, Naples, FL 34109

Gourmet Coffee Served at 7:15am
Meeting begins at 7:30am
Meeting ends at 8:45am
BYOB (Bring Your Own Breakfast)

If you’re a good man who wants to be better, but you just can’t find men who are as committed to making changes in their lives, then our MIM Men’s Group should do the trick.

Each Saturday morning, you’ll meet with 20-40 men and a facilitator. Our job is to help you get to your truth, assist the men in developing trusting relationships, and support each man to leave the meeting with greater clarity about who he is as a man and what he needs to do next as a man, father and husband, friend.

If you’ve become aware of that something in your life is just not working for you, it’s time to come together with other good men who have come to that same realization.
There is nothing more powerful than a group of men who are committed to their own and to each other’s changes.
The 90 minutes we spend together each Saturday morning always proves helpful for these committed men. We cover everything that you ever thought of —even topics you can’t conceive of having in common with other men, but do. Over time, profound, trusting relationships are established as the men help to support each other. And once that confidence is there, the changes that take place are amazing. Transformations are made through the power of Christ!

Examples of topics covered:

• How to be Happily Married
• Integrity
• Sex
• The Bible
• Purpose
• Broken Relationships
• Pride, Anger, Shame, Fear & Doubt
• Accountability
• Depression & Anxiety
• Infidelity
• Pornography
• Addictions
• Job Contentment
• Finances
• Time Management
• Health
• Higher Purpose
• Spirituality



Men At The Crossroads.

Not Asking For Directions.

It's frequently said that, when lost or at a crossroads, men decline to ask for directions. They would rather stubbornly walk around or go the wrong way than confessing they need assistance.


Peace & Joy.

NEG is for men at the crossroads, to be sure. NEG is also for men who want to experience joy & peace ; want to be better fathers and husbands, and want to understand why they have the shameful feelings they carry with them.



NEG is for men who suffer from an uneasy state of mind, feel isolated, lonely and depressed, and men who never had the nurturing they wanted or needed.



NEG offers men the fellowship they need to feel good about themselves and their potential, while providing men with, "The Good News" they need to be successful in their relationships, career and life.


Visit This Saturday.

See what it is to feel the joy and peace that comes with knowing Jesus Christ and fellowship with others building that same relationship.